During the pandemic, we have all realized that there were certain people in society that really were not able to work from home. These people were needed day in and day out to keep the system running. To all the brave workers who continued to contribute towards their community, you are appreciated.


How much stickers should I order?

1 Order of the 100 pack can last approximately:


Low pediatric population (4 peds or less/day) ~ 1.5+ months

Moderate pediatric population (5 peds/day) ~ 1 month

High pediatric population (6+ peds/day) ~ 3+ weeks


For practices with high peds volume: If you would like to purchase a bulk supply, contact us and we can offer a practice bundle deal!

Eye-ssential Workers - The Series 100 count

  • 2x2" stickers x 100 count 

    25 count / design