Time at a standstill.

I don't know about you but these past few months after Christmas holidays have been rough. Getting back into the groove of your routines again especially after great food, and really, not doing much...can be super difficult. To put it simply, the last year was a whirlwind of f*cked up. It is unanimous that all of us want a better 2021 with hopes of getting back to socializing again... and here we are.

Though there are strides for us to get "back to normal", I don't think that's going to be the case. Rather a "new normal" will be the replacement. The vaccine roll-out has given us some hope again, which is something that is vital for our pessimistic minds. However, time seems slow... You know, time is a funny thing. We feel that it takes every bit of our mind, body, and spirit, to just finish a work day, but tell yourself this: It will be March in 1 week. Time is always slow in the moment, but when you look back and reminisce, oh how much you wish you had that it back.

We are in this odd in-between where some of us feel more comfortable meeting up and others still instilled with fear of COVID. We are pushed and pulled on our decisions on whether to ask your friend to lunch, go to the mall, or questions such as "Should I still wipe down my groceries?". Some businesses partially open and few completely open (not to mention different states as well). These in-betweens can be quite frustrating in a sense that there is no clear answer.

Society lives in a world where we want instant gratitude. And I must admit, that is something I still seek. Like anybody else, we want this to be all over. Although my mind is tired, uninspired, and impatient the last few months, I also do find myself feeling bouts of hope and happiness for what is to come. The moment we can get back on the airplane without fear, shake hands with others, eat around a large table, and go to the bar... These are all things that cultivate human connection. A human connection that was really lost in the fumes of 2020. With time passing by (and simultaneously not passing by...), I am hopeful that we will get there again.

Small hike with a few friends.

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