The bright side of 2020.

The new year is here. Finally.

Many people will easily stray towards seeing all the bad that has happened this year... but let us not forget that this was a moment in time that truly stopped our ever-pacing lives and allowed us to re-examine. To re-examine whether our daily routines had meaning and fulfillment, whether our feelings were valid, if our relationships were fruitful, or if our goals were realistic. Though this may sound like an opportunity to over-analyze, you will never grow to become better as a person without critique.

We humans are like clockwork. We find safety and comfort in our everyday routines because it is what we know. It is not a surprise that when the routine is knocked out from under our feet, we tend to panic. There were so many events that happened in 2020 that did exactly that. Though some of these events were terrifying in their own right, these highs and lows flow exactly how they're suppose to. Like hills and deep valleys, life and death, wins and losses, everything needs a "good" and a "bad" - a peak and a crash. It is just simply the rules of life.

It is naïve to think that 2021 is going to give us our "normal" pre-COVID life back, as this is far from the truth. However, don't let this get your hopes up. See 2020 as an ebb and flow, as these moments in the past has affected our future in many substantial and positive ways. 2020 was a right of passage and it is only up to us to figure out what we can learn from it. See the bright side of 2020 and list what you have gained from this rollercoaster year.

Jhon and I reminiscing on our 2020 year!

Jhon and I did this activity and it really reminded us of all the things that we had done this year. Decorate your title in the middle, mine was called "2020 in Review".

List your:

- memories (good and bad)

- experiences

- triumphs

- projects

- & events

Try to take a step back and think about how these things have changed you, others, or your perspective. Each written with a different colored pen all around the center title.

P.S. Use your phone to go through some photos! It will help you remember events in chronological order!

NYE Stay at Home Activity: Your 2020 review

In the end, it will come out as an intricate piece that you can call your own! A great activity for the stay-at-home NYE celebrations.

Happy New Year.

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