In December, we contemplate.

December, a time where we all tend to contemplate how life went the last 11 months. Why do we find it most fitting to contemplate life only in December though? Why not every day of our lives? Well, if it were my brain, I would probably go crazy.

As Christmas holidays approaches, there is a sense of unease. That odd feeling as if it doesn't feel right to celebrate and be jolly... when there is so much more happening under the carpet. Not only that, but for a lot of people, we are not spending the holidays with our typical loved ones. Almost as if this holiday season was a well needed break during our hard labor the past 8 months. I feels to me like a time to breathe, a great excuse to be lazy (which is amazing by the way), and a time to indulge in all the food and materialistic things I like in life! Woooohooo!

I think we all are justified to have a break this year. Whether your break is finally sitting down and having coffee alone, sleeping early at 8:30 PM, making a big luxurious meal for yourself, buying that Prada bag that you have been window-shopping for, or just simply video-calling a friend. Do you. Of course in a responsible adult-like way, but do you.

Though it seems like I am ready to delve into my very superficial life during the holidays... I have found solace these past few weeks in meditation and insightful contemplation. I know when New Years Eve rolls around, I'm going to feel so heart warmed on those moments in the past 11 months, where I think to myself: "Man, is it good to be alive."

Happy Holidays. I hope that you can also enjoy these last few weeks of 2020 in your own way.

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