BRCA testing results.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

It took a few weeks for the genetic testing to run through. Luckily, I had my boyfriend, Jhon, visiting the day when the results came back in. The results were negative for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. **Everyone breathe a sigh of relief** Although this testing was not a guarantee (as genes can mutate), the heavy emotions were lifted off my chest. Though we didn't celebrate in any way, it was as if that moment signaled the beginning of closure.

When I look back at those few weeks throughout the genetic testing process, I see how strong of a person I was. The gray cloud that lived in my mind since Mom's passing is finally dissipating. Almost as if I could breathe free again. That was the moment when I knew I wanted to share my experiences and open a conversation to breast cancer awareness.

During the past year that I have been in this new city, there has been so many moments of growth in myself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. My identity now is not of being a victim to breast cancer, but a survivor. Not to diminish those who physically and emotionally fight cancer themselves...However, I also want to highlight the family members of those who are diagnosed. These people (such as I) are as much affected by this disease as well. I carry myself now in a new light that is filled with hope, potential, motivation, empowerment, and just a little bit more happy.

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