31 days of a real-life healing journey - final thoughts.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Initially, I had planned The October Project to simply be a regular old fundraiser but it was really more than just that. Ever since my Mom had passed, I felt guilty not doing anything "meaningful" to celebrate breast cancer awareness month. Every year I would hear... breast cancer run... breast cancer foundation... run for the cure... all of which I have only participated in once in my life, again, out of guilt. These feelings came from a sense of obligation.

Last year when I had the thought of starting this project, it was not to fulfill the guilt anymore. After going through my own journey in how I defined breast cancer, The October Project was an idea to spread my final thoughts. To turn a new leaf on what once was a dark and rainy cloud. This month has shown me how powerful a story can emanate through others and how a community can make change. I have learned how much opening up and storytelling can heal. As well as how much I needed to stop and finally open up for others to help heal me. The warmth, gratitude, and utter happiness that I felt when each and every one of you read the posts, liked the photos, commented, messaged, purchased, and donated, was truly inspirational.

What do I hope for the future? To continually grow from the ups and downs of life. Be strong, live unapologetically, and never let the demons of your past affect the bright future ahead.

Thank you for your support in this special project of mine.

We have raised $1021.13 for The October Project 2020!


Thanks to all of our participating artists & creators:

Vakishan Nadarajah IG: thehappy.social

Carmen Lau IG: cl.nemmy

Justine Neely IG: _justineneely

Anthony Castanares IG: figmentofmyimajination

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