Frequently asked questions

What kind of quality are the stickers?

All stickers are used with 70lbs. label matte material. Various shapes and sizes.

How long can I expect my stickers to deliver?

Domestic (USA) - typically takes 5-7 business days. International (Canada) - typically takes 10-14 business days. International (all other countries) - typically takes at least 14 business days.

Does the retail cost include shipping & handling?

No. Additional shipping costs apply (USD) with all 100 count orders: Domestic (USA) - $6.00 Canada - $12.00 International - $20.00+ 20 count orders: Domestic (USA) - &2.00 Canada - $6.00 International - $10+ Any order over $50 USD will have free shipping!

How long does an order of stickers last?

1 Order of the 100 pack can last approximately:
Low pediatric population (4 peds or less/day) ~ 1.5+ months
Moderate pediatric population (5 peds/day) ~ 1 month High pediatric population (6+ peds/day) ~ 3+ weeks For practices with high peds volume: If you would like to purchase a bulk supply, contact us and we can offer a practice bundle deal!