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custom watercolor contemporary art fundus retina blood vessels eye

m e g h a n

"I am in absolute awe of my custom art piece by Jenny. I was in need of a colorful piece to be the focal point of our family room. I contacted Jenny and despite my indecisive and limited ideas, she was able to put together the most amazing piece! The process was very quick and easy and she was incredibly professional. We are looking forward to adding more artwork to our collection! Thank you so much Jenny!

tokyo watercolor vibrant custom art spiderman

j h o n l u k e

"Ever traveled to a city so special that anytime you're reminded of that place (through a photo, song, food etc.) - you instantly feel those experiences come back to life? I have. For me, that city is Tokyo. Luckily, Jenny was able to create a piece of art that not only embraces the city's colorful neon signs, but also visualizes the amazing people who walk the streets and appreciate the nightlife just as much as I do. For a cherry on top, she even worked with me to add my favorite web-slinging superhero zipping through the city's skyline. With Jenny's help, I'm able to feel like I'm in the city I love - everyday. Thank you!

hummingbird art 3D custom watercolor

j u s t i n e

"I've never had a custom piece made but Jenny made the process easy and seamless. It turned out better than I could have ever expected. Every time I see it in my office, I just feel happy and weightless. I love it. I love the peace that her work brought into my space. 

digital art custom chicago do rite donuts CTA sears tower the bean deep dish pizza

d i a n a

"Despite living in a multitude of places throughout my life, I've always had a special place in my heart for Chicago. For a long time I had been searching for artwork that depicts Chicago in a unique way, and when I found out Jenny was working on custom pieces I immediately looked to her for inspiration. Throughout this process, Jenny has been incredible to work with and I've found her work to be creative, inquisitive, and extremely thoughtful. She was able to take a fairly broad idea and fuse it with my longstanding struggle of poor vision. Every time I look at this piece, it reminds me that you can always find beauty in something you love, even if it's a little blurry. 

polynesian tattoo art custom black and white ink patterns

d o n

"She created a piece that is doper than anything I could have imagined! Jenn is easily one of the most creative and talented artists I know. I'm glad and thankful she made time to make this beauty! I'm excited to get this done on my back (hopefully soon)!

carmilla con toronto 2019 characters poster

c a r m i l l a

"Jenny created a piece for my event that thousands of people around the world enjoyed. Working with her was seamless and easy. Can't wait to do it again. 

giraffe acrylic canvas custom glasses optometry artwork

p u n e e t

"I reached out to Jenny to design me an art piece for my new office. Being an optometrist, I wanted it to be optometry related. I fell in love with the sketch instantly. I loved the amount of texture she added to the final piece. The color selection was perfect and my staff absolutely loves it too! Thank you for helping me decorate my office!

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