As an Optometrist, my working life is very structured and by-the-books. I always had a creative side that was just needing to burst out. It almost felt like an alter-ego of mine. For some time now, I have worked on "thejennspirit" and I have finally realized that this "alter-ego" was never an illusion, but truly a part of who I am.


"thejennspirit" represents the essence of my creative mind. I wanted to find a blend of art and storytelling into one...and that is how OptoStickers was born. A new passion project that showcases next-level sticker art that conveys a story. By providing a curated and meaningful form of art, my goal is to re-inspire health care professionals and their patients into a world of creativity! 

Welcome to the OptoSticker story. 

    Artist. Optometrist. 

Stickers with a modern & artistic twist. 


To inspire and convey a meaningful message, each design has a story.

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Feedback? Ideas? Collaborations? 

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