Curated pediatric stickers.




Customize & elevate

the patient's experience with small details.

New designs every few months!


a la carte or by series

Each design has a story.

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Dr. Niswonger

Your Spider Pig design inspired one of my patients. He did a whole school project creating a story around the "Spider Turkey". 


Dr. Chee

I love these stickers. The artwork is so unique and creative - [all] made of high quality material! They always bring a big smile to my pediatric patients!

Opto Bunny

Dr. Murray

A lot of parents in the area are traditional and want their kid to focus on science and math, but I think it's so great to show they can do both  [art & science]! Caleb absolutely loves [the stickers]! We haven't taken the [back] part off [the sticker] because he likes to take them to different places!


Dr. Van

These are adorable and awesome Jenny! Don't see too many peds but for sure getting more when I run out.


Student Celestine

Our class had our first elementary school screening last week! It was so fun and the highlight was your stickers! The koala was the most popular!